About U.I.S.A

 About U.I.S.A.

Space Commerce Law

Space Commerce Law

About U.I.S.A. (United Interplanetary Space Alliance) it is the U.N. of Space.

Member countries will send an Ambassador to assist in drafting the laws, rules and regulations that will pertain to space. We will implement these laws to protect, preserve, secure and provide a governing structure to ownership, as well as laws rules and regulations that will set precedence for settling disputes. Th U. N of Interplanetary Space Alliances will not act as a military force nor will it be called upon to act in such a manner. The U.N. os Space Alliances will act as an intermediary to assist in finding solutions to disputes and problems. One exception to this rule will be that if any force whether it be an individual, terrorist group, or government that will in any way bring harm to the citizens of Earth, or will cause destructive forces to any planetary body, we will then call upon all nations to assist in resolving this matter with force. We the U.N. of Space Alliances will act as protectors of our Solar System and the Universe to the extent that we may be able to using current technology and means to do so. Our laws, rules, and regulations will be based and similar to the United Nations located in New York on Earth. As we compose or formulate these Laws, Rules and Regulations  we invite your participation in the drafting of said documents. Please feel free to send us your comments but keep in mind all derogatory and foul language will not be tolerated and such comments will be deleted. If they contain some merit we have the right to reword your comments to make them acceptable to everyone especially children that will be participating.

These documents will be made public for everyone to consider, read and use.

United Nations for Outer Space Affairs or UNOOSA

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