Membership Fees

The following membership fees will change sometime in the future but as of now (2013) they will remain in effect at least through the year 2014. At some point in the future and as we reach our capacity (pertaining to our actual facility) we may limit membership to invitation only. We will then find other ways to facilitate meetings. (i.e. teleconferencing) The capacity of the actual facility may be limited to 1,000 members in the Grande Hall. Eventually we will use new technology that will be secure and private over the airwaves. This will allow participants to be in a secure location and will prevent any terrorist group from targeting such an enormous amount of influential people from becoming targets. This will provide additional security to all participants and minimize risk.

Current membership is as follows:

Annual Membership Fees:

Individual membership:   $1,000

Education Institutions:  $2,500 (3 members)

Corporate Membership:  $5,000 (2 members)

Governments are only required to an initial member fee but is open to all countries and governments with no other annual fees at this time.

Governments (countries): $10,000 (per Ambassador)


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